The Solecast Episode 7 w/ Jason Hribal

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On the solecast #7 I speak with Jason Hribal… author of Fear Of The Animal Planet.   Jason Hribal’s work looks at the history of animals from the perspective that they are active participants in history, that they shape our world, are intelligent and emotional creatures capable of acts of compassion, joy and most importantly; resistance.  Fear of The Animal Planet is for animal liberation what People’s History of the United States is to US history.  In this interview we talk a lot about an interview he did on “Animal Voices” about how animals are part of the working class, you can hear the interview with “Animal Voices” here.   This isn’t some preachy vegan shit, this is a very serious and new way of looking at animals.   Anyone who lives with animals, visits zoos & forests, or lives in this world can benefit from taking in his work and reflecting on it.   Towards the end of the interview Jason talks about how they’ve begun slaughtering wild horses in New Mexico, according to the Earth First! Newswire, on July 30th one of these slaughterhouses was burned to the ground.