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Planning the Insurgency, Bloc by Bloc

This post was originally published on this siteThis week, we are excited to share with y’all an interview with TL, the main artist and designer of Bloc by Bloc: The Game of Insurrection. From the website of Out Of Order games, which publishes the game, “Bloc by Bloc is a semi-cooperative strategy board game inspired… Read more »

2018 Live International Anarchist Radio Broadcast

This post was originally published on this siteSunday, May 20th from 14:00-22:00 Central European Time (UTC+1), so 8am North Carolina time, get ready for HOURS of anarchist audio from around the world with participants in the A-Radio Network, producers of B(A)DNews.  Find the stream soon at this facebook page.  Projects will include: A-Radio Berlin 98fm… Read more »

Episode 26: May Day in Indonesia/Sabaté/Under the Black Flag

This post was originally published on this siteOn this episode of Radical Underground, we talk about May Day in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia where a police post was destroyed and the call was out to “murder the sultan!” We also talked about the books Sabaté: Urban Guerrilla in Spain and Under the Black Flag, a… Read more »

May Day, “Left Unity”, Police Repression, and Political Violence

This post was originally published on this siteSupport our show by donating a dollar or two to our Patreon: Intro Song by: The String-Bo String Duo Channel Zero Network can be found here: Outro music: The Whitest House, by Jasiri X who you can find here: Transition Music: Cab You Hear The Wind Howl… Read more »

“In the End, There are People Still Struggling. And We’re Still Fighting”: A conversation with Wriply and Ashley of the #BlackPride4

This post was originally published on this siteThis week, we are airing a conversation that William had a few weeks ago with Wriply Bennet and Ashley Braxton, two members of the Black Pride 4. The Black Pride 4 are four black queer and trans people with accomplices who were arrested during a Pride parade on… Read more »

8th Anniversary Episode

This post was originally published on this siteWelcome to the 8th anniversary podcast mini-sode special! The Final Straw has an irregular tradition of using our anniversary to air conversations with other projects that produce anarchist media. In past episodes, linked in the notes for this special, you can find chats from past anniversaries. This time… Read more »

Border as Method

This post was originally published on this siteIn this episode we speak with Sandro Mezzadra, who has written extensively about borders and migration, such as in a book he co-authored with Brett Neilson titled “Border as Method.” He talks about the processes of bordering that extend far beyond the walls we usually think about when… Read more »

“They Can Take Our Lives, But They Can’t Take Our Will to Defend Them”: Supporting the Valle Garita Squat in Boriqué

This post was originally published on this siteThis week I had the chance to speak to Ricchi, who is a Puerto Rican anarchist, about an autonomous squatted community center in Borique called Valle Garita. In this episode, we talk about the squatted space and the intentions of the organizers, plus the cultural context of squatting,… Read more »

Black & Green Podcast 8: 5-6-2018

This post was originally published on this site Two parter! Black & Green Podcast 8, Parts 1 & 2: 5-6-2018. Click here to listen or download. The unfortunate murder of “Ayahuasca shaman”, Olivia Arévalo Lomas. Colonization and entitlement. The madness of the frontier and how the white murderer remains the story. The creepy world of… Read more »