The Solecast Episode 6 w/ Busdriver

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http://static1.squarespace.com/static/53d3ee86e4b076e5e3fc46e3/t/542877b0e4b0d4ae396b41bf/1411938224316/The Solecast Ep. 6 W_ Busdriver 1.mp3busdriver.jpg

Busdriver is a rapper from Los Angeles. He got his start with the Project Blowed / Good Life movement.  For those who don’t know what Project Blowed is, I would argue that it is the scene that paved the way for artists like early anticon & Bone thugs and Harmony.  Busdriver epitomizes experimental rap crafstmanship, over the course of his career he has constantly pushed the envelope more then almost any other rapper.  He has a ton of records out, his latest full length album; Beaus$eros is out on Fake Four Inc.    We talked about Project blowed, experimentation within music, “The Feed,” Los Angeles, Hollywood, perpetual war, Israel, file sharing, major label astroturfing ,the european and american cultural experience, music careers, the one man rap show, and the Hellfyre Club Collective.