Open Homes Open Hearts

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For this sedition I’m joined by Jeffrey Tan and Colin Young.
Jeffrey is the director of Open Homes a theatre production which features everyday people in their own homes, telling their own stories.
Colin who has joined us before as part of Vomit Cabaret is one of the story tellers welcoming guests into his home with An Essential Guide to Becoming Fab.
During the hour we talk about how this production came to be, Colin’s show and surrounding issues including anarchy and community.
Towards the end with present the Bad Cop No Donut segment about police misconduct.
About Open Homes –
‘The doors of local homes will be flung open over three weekends as residents invite us into their private spaces and enchant us with personal stories, histories and anecdotes. Facilitated by Brisbane-based theatre-makers, each 30-minute performance will deliver an intimate view of the heartbreak and humour, comedy and chaos, and domestic dramas and dreams that take place in our apartment buildings, Queenslanders and neighbourhoods across the city.’