Episode 44: “Chaos Reigns” ft. Macabre Media

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**TW: This episode features a discussion of two graphic motion pictures that feature frank depictions of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.**

This week on Coffee with Comrades, we sit down for a conversation Kaleb, founder and co-host of the horror-review podcast, Macabre Media. But first, Mel catches us up on her galavanting adventures through Europe.

Current Events:

In this episode, we chat about avant-garde horror and focus on two works of cinema in particular, Antichrist by Lars Von Trier and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. During the course of this dialogue, we chat about horror story-telling, Pearson’s quest to find the most fucked up movie ever made, violence, patriarchy, and fascism.

This discussion originally appeared as Episode 2 of Macabre Media, “The Shadows We Cast.”


  • Intro: “I Ain’t Got No Home in this World Anymore” by Woody Guthrie
  • Interlude: “Macabre Media Theme” by Taylor Perry
  • Outro: “The Hunt (ft. Corey Taylor)” by Code Orange