Cabaret, Activism, and Anarchy

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Hosts Linda, and Mark got fancy and went to the theatre on Sunday night. They were saw enthralled by the story and show they invited to of the devisors of the show to join them during this program.
Our guests are director/devisor Daniel Gough, and actor/devisor Esther Dougherty discuss
La Silhouette is an imersive theatre experience set inside a Brisbane cabaret club. Inside as in the audience is inside the club, and interacts with the club and environment.
La Silhouette explores the queer history of Brisbane, revealing the dark past when homosexuality was illegal. And the current days when the fight for acceptance continues.
Corruption and police corruption are pretty strong themes in the show, as they been in Queensland for a long time.
Also Linda spoke to Robin Taubenfeld about a picnic on July 4th American Independence day held by the fictional character Granny Smith. Granny Smith ‘celebrates’ American imperialism in ‘Ausmerica’ and the world.
Music from Faggot Fairys, Punk Flamingo, Love Moves ,and more.