032 Attachment Theory & Capitalism: How the West Fucks Up Kids

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We dig into Attachment Theory this week, specifically how Attachment Theory can tell us of the measurable impact of capitalism and capitalistic values on children, who end up being messy adults on Tinder. The way we instill rugged individualism in literal babies has lasting effects on our population deep into adulthood.

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If you wear cowboy clothes…

Main Topic: Attachment Theory 101 + How it Ties to Capitalism

We had planned to talk about how capitalistic values have invaded the way we raise children when we listened to the Psychology in Seattle’s Deep Dive series on Attachment Theory (available to patrons only, link here) where Dr. Kirk Honda connects avoidant insecure attachment style to certain parenting behaviors only seen in the West. This information was the perfect pairing for what we wanted to talk about, and we had a lot of fun going through all of it on this week’s episode.

Attachment Theory:

Described as, “behaviors that make up an ‘attachment behavioral system’ that guides us in our patterns and habits of forming and maintaining relationships

Attachment Styles:

  • Secure: learned to trust others, have a good sense of self, are comfortable seeking support and comfort
  • Anxious: learned that they had to demand or seek attention and love from others, often through emotional manipulation
  • Avoidant: learned that no one would take care of them and that they are on their own
  • Disorganized: got confusing and conflicting messages as a child, grew up in chaos


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