031 Dismantling Whiteness with Professor Flowers

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We are thrilled to be joined by YouTuber Professor Flowers (Claire Borealis) this week to discuss the history of Whiteness over the last 100 years, and how we can dismantle the construct of Whiteness to move forward as a people.

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Main Topic: Smashing Whiteness with Professor Flowers

We are honored to be joined by Professor Flowers this week to discuss the concept and construct of Whiteness. She guides us through the recent history of Whiteness in the United States (the last 100 years or so) to talk about this endlessly shifting, neoliberal construct we are faced with today. Then the three of us have a long, meandering talk about Whiteness itself, and how we can all, regardless of our own racial and other identities, do our part in dismantling this power structure around us and exorcising it from our behavior, beliefs, and our beds.

About our Guest Host

Claire Borealis has a YouTube channel called Professor Flowers. This channel creates video essays that analyzes media, such as movies, anime, and other videos. Currently her work is focusing on the discussion of race.

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