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Bad News #21 (April 2019)

This post was originally published on this siteThis 21st edition of BAD News, Angry Voices From Around The World for April, 2019.   Download This Episode   If you’d like to get involved in the network or want to hear more – send an email to [email protected]    The a-radio-network website is currently down for… Read more »

Seth Tobocman on Art, Gentrification, War in the Neighborhood, Surveillance, and Mutual Aid

This post was originally published on this siteIn this interview Seth Tobocman talked about art and gentrification, his experiences in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the squatting movement, police violence, landlords, Hurricane Katrina, mutual aid, and foreign policy. Seth Tobocman’s latest Releases: Len from Ak Press and War in the Neighborhood from Ad Astra… Read more »

Anarchist Bookfair XX

This post was originally published on this siteThe Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is the largest anarchist gathering in North America and 2019 is it’s 20th year.  In this episode, I interviewed two members of this year’s bookfair collective.  Topics include: – what, if anything, does the bookfair have to do with books? -is the bookfair for… Read more »

Food Autonomy: Will Bonsall on Vegan Homesteading & Radical Self Reliance

This post was originally published on this siteIn this episode of the solecast i speak with Will Bonsall about his book “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide To Radical Self Reliance” and discuss ideas on vegan homesteading and “sustainability.” Will is a pioneer of “veganic” farming which is very similar to permaculture farming practices but without animals… Read more »

No Wall They Can Build, Episode 4: The South, Part II – Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

This post was originally published on this siteWelcome to Episode 4 of No Wall They Can Build, the Ex-Worker Podcast’s serialized audiobook exploring borders and migration across North America. This week’s installment continues the previous episode’s exploration of the conditions south of the border that drive migration north by surveying the situation in the three… Read more »

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments Feat. Saidiyah Hartman

This post was originally published on this siteSaidiya Hartman speaks about her latest book, Wayward Lives: Beautiful Experiments Intimate Histories of Social Upheaval, and the beauty, autonomy, anarchy, fugitivity, queerness, and errancy in forms of Black sociality — what she calls waywardness. We also discuss how to interrupt the state’s apparatus of capture and the… Read more »

Episode 41: “Should I Kill Myself or Have a Cup of Coffee?” ft. Rev Left Radio & Black Banner Magic

This post was originally published on this siteThis week, Mel and Pearson are sharing a Patreon bonus episode that we recorded with our comrades, Revolutionary Left Radio host Breht and Black Banner Magic host Nestor! Donate to Mel’s travel fund so she can cover les Gilets Jaunes in France! Use CashApp $coldbrewedtool But first, some… Read more »

David Easley, Resisting From Inside

This post was originally published on this siteDavid Easley of Ohio IWOC & Jasper of FOM ****This show carries a heavy content warning for institutionalized violence against incarcerated people, suicide, and issues related to mental wellness//unwellness.****** This week I’m sharing a conversation with David Easley, an imprisoned member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, or… Read more »

Know Your Fascist: Interview with Tom Tanuki

This post was originally published on this siteSubversion #1312 recently spoke with Yelling At Racist Dogs conspirator Tom Tanuki to have a chat about the different types of racist dogs getting around the place pissing on anything they don’t like. Tom also chats about ways the left could respond to touring racist dogs as a… Read more »

Julian Assange: Collateral Erasure of Women’s Voices

This post was originally published on this siteDo you remember why Assange was forced to go into hiding? You’d be forgiven for forgetting about the sexual assault charges laid against him in Sweden. Obviously Wikileaks exposure of war crimes with the Collateral Murder videos is important and as is fact the US has charged him… Read more »