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MaroonCast is a Black radical podcast for the people established by members of the anti-capitalist collective: Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective - Maroon Movement. Every week our hosts: Hip-Hop Anarchist "Sima Lee The RBG" & Sex Educator and Crochet Artist "KLC", bring the energy of Maroons, rebellion, Womanism, reflections, rhymes, trap liberation and ratchetness! They are serving fresh analysis with a Queer, TGNC, Southern, anti-imperialist, anti-oppression approach to the usual "Poli & Bullshit!"[email protected]

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Ep. 5- “What Is Freedom?”

Our hosts talk about what they envision as a more free and just reality that is the complete opposite of white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal imperialism.Track: "What Is Freedom?" by: Sima Lee The RBGProduced by: Sam TruthFrom: Trap...