An Anarchist Analysis of the Impeachment Crisis

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In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast (originally recorded for Pacifica Radio), we present a discussion and analysis on the evolving impeachment crisis. Fundamentally we ask if we have a dog in this fight, as the Democrats, who have spent years advancing and helping to fund Trump’s drive toward war, his growing attacks on migrants, Muslims, and the poor, and his massive transfer of wealth into the hands of the elites through his tax cuts, are now pushing for an impeachment inquiry over totally unrelated matters.

During our discuss we primarily focus on Trump’s open calls for his base to take up the cause of defending him, pushing a narrative of “civil war” and a “coop,” as a means of remaining in power. Meanwhile, websites like InfoWars and groups like the Oath Keepers have run with this narrative, which Trump has re-enforced by claiming that if he is removed, the Democrats and the “radical left” with take away peoples’ “guns and religion.”

Above all, it should be noted that this is new political territory in American politics, as the neoliberal State continues to spiral into a crisis, the push towards authoritarian rule continues, and Trump motions to his base to take to the streets.