Primal Anarchy Podcast 16: Book Recommendations, Part 1

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Black and Green Podcast is now Primal Anarchy Podcast!

Episode 16: Book Recommendations, Part 1.
January 9, 2019

House cleaning and announcements: Black and Green Podcast is now Primal Anarchy Podcast, Black and Green Review is now Wild Resistance. New book announcement, Cull of Personality: Ayahuasca, Colonialism and the Death of a Healer, e-book out now, print books in hand later this month. Thoughts on primal anarchy vs anarcho-primitivism. Get pissed about what is happening to the Unist’ot’en. Madhusree Mukerjee on the Sentinelese killing missionary John Chau. Book recommendations, part 1: your anti-civ library. You’re welcome nerds. – A Nerd.