COVID-19 CO-operation Mutual Aid Interview

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COVID 19 is spreading fast around the globe.
While we can thank the virus for infecting people like Peter Dutton and Prince Charles it’s killing a lot of innocent people and affecting our lives enormouslt.
Governments, elites, and some in the middle class are more concerned about the crash diving ‘economy’ than people.
The economy is not actually a real thing but people are.
A swift complete shut down would have this thing crushed in less time with fewer causualties.
Mutual Aid groups are springing up all over as more and more people lose their jobs or are required to self isolate or both. neighbourloods are coming together because we can’t rely on the government we need eachother to survive this.
This week on Subversion #1312 I caught up with Acacia Ridge resident Hannah who initiated a mutual aid group for her area.
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