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Kite Line- October 9, 2020: Are Incarcerated People Disposable?

This post was originally published on this siteWe begin this week with a short piece by WFHB reporter Aaron Comforty, who reports on an alleged instance of attempted suicide in the local jail, and one mother’s attempts to find out the status of her son. We also speak with Ted Smith, an Associate Professor of… Read more »

Kite Line- December 6, 2019: Winning Back Your Voice

This post was originally published on this siteThis week, we speak with two writers, Laura Lasuertmer and Wendy Lee Spacek. Spacek and Lasuertmer run a writing workshop in the local jail. They tell us about the writing program, what led them to do this project, and its impact on folks in the inside. Then, we… Read more »