#Blueleaks and the Movement for Black Lives

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Another episode, another seismic shift in the global landscape. This time, it’s an an unprecedented mass uprising against police led by activists, protesters and yes, rioters, who are making moves and to change the fundamental systemic racist system of the police, prisons and politicians. So we’ll be talking about the government repression of BLM and Antifa. In other news, the BOP is still on lockdown, but slowly, people are getting moved around, and Jeremy, after months of waiting in limbo in Grady County Jail where he caught coronavirus(and recovered, was finally transferred to a raggedy ass CCA joint, Talahatchie County Correctional Center, so we go in on them for a bit. Finally of course we’re gonna delve into #Blueleaks, a leak by Anonymous published by Distributed Denial of Secrets.

This podcasts featured musical guest is Godless Tyrant, who maybe can be best described as Brutal Plague War Metal.



Coronavirus in Prisons – 19 minutes, 9 seconds
Brief History of CCA and the transfer to Talahatchie – 32 min 32 seconds
Blueleaks – 56 minutes, 38 seconds