Bad News #21 (April 2019)

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This 21st edition of BAD News, Angry Voices From Around The World for April, 2019.   Download This Episode   If you’d like to get involved in the network or want to hear more – send an email to [email protected]    The a-radio-network website is currently down for maintenance – to check out all the shows look for the a-radio-network collection on archive.org   On this month’s show we have:   * Crna Luknja with a coversation they had with a comrade discussing organising of the far-right in Bulgaria.   * A-Radio Berlin‘s conversation with an anarchist comrade from Argentina on the context of the murder of anarchist and activist Santiago Maldonado   * Radio 98fm in Athens, voices of subversive expression, with a round-up of news and information of interest from Greece.    * Dissident Island Radio, from London, UK, with a round-up of anarchist actions and news   (Total length: 31 mins 31 seconds)