Phil A. Neel on Terrain and Struggle

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This week, we’re sharing a conversation Bursts had with communist geographer, Phil Neel. Mr. Neel is the author of “Hinterland: America’s New Landscape of Class and Conflict”, published in 2018 and now available in paperback via University of Chicago Press in association with Reaktion Books. It’s just been published in paperback in English and has just been translated and published in French. You can find much of his writings at BrooklynRail.Org, including the English version of the epilogue to the new French edition of Hinterland.

For the hour we talk about his communist geography, patterns of modern capitalism restructures urbanity and the popular landscape on an international level, rural populations and exclusion, the capacity of mutual aid projects to keep their teeth and communitarian nature, the importance of organizing among logistics workers, working across political positions and thinking of scaling up infrastructure of resistance.

  • Red May (Marxist, Feminist, Post Colonial, Political Economy) video channel on youtube
  • Older writings by Phil Neel on Ultra
  • Anti-capitalist, autonomous writings from and about China today via ChuangCN.org
  • Video of folks looting slow moving cargo trains of flat screen tv’s in Chicago in June

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The track used in this episode was Keeper of the Ecosystems (instrumental) by Sole from the album Worlds Not Yet Gone