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During thes days of late capitalism & rising nationalism we are constantly bombarded with right-wing radio and shallow liberal analysis with the threat of fascism. Everything in this framework falls within parameters set by the State and offers no way out. We present perspectives that exist outside of that paradigm through interviews, documentaries, panel discussions and audio-zines.

Object to the State: A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant

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The Tilted Scales Collective has recently published a brand new book entitled, A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendantwhich discusses various strategies, both personal, legal, and political, that defendants can draw from while facing down both charges and a jury trial.

The recording that we present to you on this episode of the IGDCAST, is taken from one of their many recent talks, as the group has embarked on a series of speaking tours across the US. To find a speaking event near you, go here.

At a time when so many comrades from Sacramento to Standing Rock to Washington DC are facing charges and repression is ramping up, the knowledge and skills that the Tilted Scales Collective brings to the table is both timely and priceless.

More Info: Tilted Scales website, PDF booklet, and tour.

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